It didn’t last - Zari Hassan opens up on breaking up with KingBae

Zari spills the beans

Zari Hassan with KingBae

South Africa based Ugandan Socialite Zari Hassan has for the first time disclosed that she no longer an item with her much hyped KingBae.

In an interview with Wasafi TV, Ms Hassan revealed that things did not work out and they had to go separate ways.

“Nobody goes into a relationship thinking that I just wanna be in this relationship short term. You go there hoping it gonna work and grow together. Yes, KingBae was there he was such a chilled Guy but shit happens and it didn’t last na kila mtu akaenda zake but we still talk once in a while because he was attached to our lives," said Zari Hassan.


The mother of five went on to state that she is not looking forward to getting married again, as her biggest priority is to ensure her kids are brought up well and never lack anything.

Talking about moving out of Diamond’s House in South Africa, Mama Tee affirmed that it was her decision to do so and nobody forced her to move.

“Right now am at a place where I feel very independent, I can do anything for myself so I don’t want to get married. Most people get married for various reasons, others are looking for security, someone to get old with but for its not on my mind. May be a life partner.

I was at a point where I could afford to buy another house when people stared saying ooh toka kwa nyumba yetu, sijui nini. But Baba Tee has never told me to move out of that house. Even now he knows that am renting out that house and am taking rent money, because that house he bought it for the kids. It’s the only property they have in South Africa under his name, so I still get rent money form there,” said Zari Hassan.

She went on to say that she is happy that her baby daddy is back in the lives of her kids, after two years of no see.

“At least he is back in his kids’ life. Ilitokea tu kanitumia message and that’s how we started talking and he actually wanted to come and see the kids in south Africa but lock down ikatokea but when they opened the flights he was busy with the campaigns and he asked if I could bring the kids to Tanzania and I said fine,” added Ms Hassan.

Zari flew back to South Africa on Sunday last week, in the company of Princess Tiffah and Nillan after spending a week in Tanzania.



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