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Zari on why Diamond insisted on meeting Shakib

Zari Hassan has opened up on the recent heartwarming meeting between her husband Shakib Lutaaya and her ex and children’s father, Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond Platnumz met with Zari's husband Shakib Lutaaya recently

Zari revealed that the meeting was initially requested by the Tanzanian music maestro, who wanted to know the kind of person that his children are spending time with.

The meeting happened at an airport in South Africa as Diamond traveled back to Tanzania together with his two children, Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan.

As they bid farewell to one another, Shakib was seen hugging the two kids before going for a warm embrace with Diamond.


Speaking about the meeting yesterday, Zari revealed that she had earlier discussed it with Diamond, who requested to meet her current husband.

She says that both men turned out to be mature about it and that she had no trouble arranging the meet-up.

I think, it is us the women who like rope-pulling, but for the two men, they were very cool about it,” she said.

Some time back, I remember I sat down with Diamond and when I told him I was married he said he wanted to meet my man.

Zari says Diamond wanted to “know the kind of person that was spending more time with his children than him.


Then I talked to Shakib about it…I asked him if he was down with it and he said yes. In the end, it was the easiest thing to do.”

During the meeting at the airport, Zari says Diamond officially handed over the responsibility of his children to Shakib.

He acknowledged that he is no longer in the children’s lives and said he was happy that (Shakib) was a kind and cool guy. Right now they are good friends,” she added.

This, Zari says was the second time Shakib and Diamond were meeting.


The first time, she said, the two met briefly in South Africa where Diamond was having a concert, and Shakib happened to be part of the organizing team.


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