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Zuchu explains why she offers limited chances when in a relationship

Zuchu admits she will cry and dump you if you cheat on her

Singer Zuchu

Singer Zuchu, while conversing with her friend, explained why she doesn't have many options to choose from when it comes to finding a man she likes at the moment.

Zuchu clarified that, no matter how much she tries to contemplate relationships, she always ends up feeling alone in the end.

Continuing to share her thoughts on the matter, she expressed that if she were to find herself with a cheating boyfriend, her immediate response would be to walk away.


She further mentioned that the situation would be devastating, leading her to cry in her house.

However, she emphasised that she would not stay with such an individual under any circumstances.

The Tanzanian singer, openly acknowledged her dislike for overthinking when it comes to dating someone, as she believes it can rob someone of their happiness.


Singer Zuchu openly admitted to being in a relationship with her boss, Diamond Platnumz, in November 2022.

In a TikTok video, the AFRIMMA award winner confirmed Diamond as her boyfriend when a friend questioned their relationship.

When asked, "Who's this?" Zuchu responded by saying, "Yeah, that's my boyfriend. I am in love."

Despite their romantic moments captured in various instances, both singers have maintained that they are strictly professionals working together.


Additionally, she revealed that she had ended her relationship with the Wasafi boss.

What initially appeared to be a breakup took a turn towards love again in April when Zuchu purchased a Range Rover, and Diamond congratulated her on the achievement.


In response to Diamond's congratulations, Zuchu replied with a love emoji and a symbol representing a lion. It is worth noting that Diamond often refers to himself as 'Simba,' which translates to lion in English.


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