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Octopizzo speaks about his net worth

Octopizzo has in the past been described as Africa’s Jay-Z.

M.I disclosed that he admired Octo because he speaks in simplicity but his words are deep and the fact that he rose from the sprawling slums of Kibera to become one of the fiercest Kenyan rappers.

“He speaks with simplicity but he has a lot of depth in his words because of where he has come from. I am proud to be associated with somebody like him; not just on his side as a celeb but his roots. His journey from where he has come from to where he is going is just incredible. It’s totally different from mine but I like it. He has great energy and I saw it when we went to the studio to record. He is simply amazing.” MI told Word Is about the man he has given the moniker of ‘Africa’s Jay-Z’.

So how much is Africa’s Jay-Z worth?


“I dunno...I am priceless, you cannot put a price on me, I’m expensive.” Octo said on Dr Ofweneke’s show.

He then added that compared to where he grew up in Kibera he is enjoying a much better life. And that is why he is able to buy 88 pairs of expensive shoes to compensate for the 8 years he grew up in Kibera where he had to make do without shoes.

So rich is he that when he moved out from his house he left all his earthly possessions to start from scratch.

“I left my house with everything I had, I just walked out and started from scratch like a DJ.” He confessed.

Most well-to-do musicians charge an arm and a leg to work with artistes so how much does Octopizzo charge for a collabo?


“It depends, when you are upcoming, you don’t have to pay me because I like the energy so I’ll be like ‘Come through let’s do something’ but if I’m charging I will charge like 2,000 dollars which is around 208,000 Kenya shillings.”


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