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Eric Omondi's girlfriend singing in Kikuyu is the best thing you will see today (Video)

Wololo Yaye!

She posted a video on Instagram singing a famous Kikuyu track with her mom prompting her Kikuyu fans to leave their messages.

Chantal has been treated romantically by Eric Omondi countless times. From being welcomed using bill boards to being bought a car, the lass can perfectly describe romance.

She has however remained mum following the latest stunt pulled by her fiancée. Eric Omondi shared a video while swimming with kids naked. The video has been widely criticized by Kenyans.


The CEO Kenya Films and Classification Board Ezekiel Mutua said Eric’s act is a serious crime. Following the video, Ezekiel called out on the parents of the children seen in the video to take legal action against the comedian. Consumer Federation of Kenya (Cofek) have also condemned the video.

All this time Eric’s girlfriend has been silent while other people expected she will come out to give her opinion on the matter.

Check out Chantal’s video while singing the famous track below.


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