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Cheza ligi yako brathe – Betty Kyallo’s harsh reply to fan

He poked the wrong one.

Betty Kyallo (Instagram)

When it comes to savage celebrity clapbacks, Betty Kyallo is among the leaders of the pack.

In the past she has dealt devastating blows on her trolls and was in usual form when a follower claimed that she was hurt deep down she was just pretending to be happy.

“Deep down this lady is hurt…I know what you feel Betty but utakua sawa,” the fan wrote and Betty savagely replied with “My friend cheza ligi yako brathe.”


This exchange came after Betty jokingly posted about being mad at her beau but chilled out a bit because he has bought cake and flowers.

“When you’re angry at him but he just bought you flowers and cake. Kwanza unakula, kesi baadaye,” Betty wrote.

The age issue

About a week ago, Betty sent a message to her haters who claimed she is older than 30 years. In a video shared on Instagram, the mother of one asked if the people who claimed that she is 33 years old were the ones who gave birth to her.


Betty then went on to claim that Kenyans are know-it-alls who should leave her alone.

“It’s my birthday na wale wasee wanasema ati niko 33 ni nyinyi mlinizaa? wakenya wanajifanyanga sana kujua ati wanacalculate ivo ndio mlikuwa mnacalculate mathematics. I hope nyinyi wote mlipata a mathematics, kama hukupata A kwendeni huko. Wanasema ati niko 33 kwa sababu niliconfuse dates kwa clip ingine. Hata nikuwe mzee it doesn’t matter na hawaniwezi anyway najilipia rent,” she said.


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