Lilian Muli narrates the struggles she went through before getting on TV

Your dream is never too big to be achieved

Through a length Instagram Post, Lilian has revealed that back in the days she used to spend hours before a mirror pretending to be reading news.

According to Ms Muli, she wanted to be a journalist so bad to an extent of doing all the crazy staff that could portray her as one.

“Once upon a time I used to spend hours before a mirror talking to myself pretending to read the news or posing as a reporter on location. I wanted so bad to be a journalist...I saw a newspaper ad and sent a video demo to Farida Karoney at NTV to be honest I didn't think anyone would watch it but she did (I'm sure she doesn't remember) I was called for a screen test I was only 19; I was pre-selected together with others I didn't make the final three though” wrote Lilan Muli.

After her unsuccessful trials at NTV, Lilian landed at Standard Group as an Intern where she again met with Farida Karoney.

“A couple of years later I met Farida again at KTN as an intern...this time I made it after the screen test. I look back and I'm so grateful to everyone who believed in many people held my hand and I will never forget. I'm still dreaming I have so much more to achieve. Your dream is never too big or ambitious. ”  said Lilian Muli

Ms Muli made her debut on TV back in 2005 at KTN as an Intern in the production department, she later moved to Citizen TV in 2010 where she is a senior news anchor.

Muli’s Post


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