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Kambua’s message after overwhelming love upon going public with her pregnancy

Kambua went public with her pregnancy on Friday

Kambua with her Husband

Gospel singer cum TV host Kambua has sent out a message of appreciation to all her fans who wished her well upon going public with her pregnancy.

A thankful Ms Kambua penned down a special note expressing gratitude towards different media personalities and fans for the love they showed her after the announcement.

Kambua's pregnancy is one of the most re-posted and re-shared post on social media platforms.


Thank You

“Thank you SO MUCH for the outpouring of love, my heart is so so full. God bless you all, and may He continue to lift our hearts and renew our hope in ways that only He can. Nawapenda, k #2019 #wonthedoit #Hedidit#praisebeuntoGod," part of Kambua's statement read.


Kambua had earlier expressed her frustration with people who harassed her with questions of “when are you getting pregnant” yet they didn’t know her journey or what she was struggling with.


“People will have an opinion over everything, over children. Today I saw a comment and deleted it because this guy commented on my Instagram and he says ‘When are you going to get pregnant, you’re getting old,” the soft-spoken singer said on The Trend.

She then went on to add, “I remember thinking, the reason why it angers me is because people don’t even know what your journey is like. They don’t know what you’re struggling with. They don’t know if you even want to have children. They don’t know if you can have children and there are so many people especially today who are struggling with infertility. It so unfortunate that we have become such a culture of being so intrusive and putting people down, shaming each other on things like that. I would wish that people would be sensitized. I have people who are close to me who might not be at the forefront like I am but who go through that every day.”


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