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Reason Lulu Hassan will never have a joint bank account with Rashid

Why Lulu Hassan advocates against having a joint bank account in marriages

Citizen TV news anchor Lulu Hassan ( Instagram)

Citizen TV anchor Lulu Hassan has offered advice to married couples, suggesting they refrain from opening joint accounts together.

Despite her deep love for her husband, Lulu explained that she would never endorse a shared account due to the potential pitfalls it presents.

In an interview with a local media outlet, Lulu began by delving into the intricacies of a successful marriage.


She prefaced her insights with a disclaimer, acknowledging that what works for her may not necessarily work for others.

Lulu highlighted the fundamental role of friendship in marriage, expressing concern over the recent trend of marriages falling apart due to a lack of genuine friendship between spouses.

She emphasised that in a true friendship, there is a level of respect and understanding that prevents feelings of humiliation or disrespect.

"Ndio nakuambia wale watu wawili wanafungua ndoa si marafiki. if you are my friedn na ninakusheshimu, kuna vitu huwezi fanya mimi nihisi kudhalilishwa kule nje. In such marriages, there's no love, respect, or friendship," she said.


Acknowledging the uniqueness of each marriage, Lulu cautioned against blindly copying others' strategies, including her own.

"But what works for me might not work for you... Marriage haina manual. Usiseme unataka kucopy some one-two from Lulu utakosea. Jinsi Rashid alivyo kwangi si vile mume wako atakuwa kwako," she said.

Regarding financial matters, Lulu revealed that both she and her husband, Rashid, are aware of each other's earnings. She argued that such transparency is essential as it promotes responsible financial management and prevents misuse of funds.


"Inategemea na yule mtu amekuoa, na yule mtu umeolewa naye. As for me, anajua how much I earn and I also know how much he earns... Ni vizuriu kujua kwa sababu mwanzo ntajua pesa zako unazitumiaje na that means huwezu tumia pesa zako vibaya ama kuzitumia kule nje na watu wengine," she said.

However, she adamantly opposed the idea of sharing bank accounts, asserting that it's not conducive to a healthy marital dynamic, especially when both partners are financially independent.

However, she noted that joint accounts for expenses related to children could be an exception.

"Kushare account I don't advocate for that. Si poa. Why should we share accounts na kila mtu anafanya kazi yake? Labda ya watoto," she said.


Lulu praised her husband Rashid for his pragmatic approach to finances, noting that he prefers to delegate financial matters to her.

Despite their shared commitment to financial discipline, Rashid trusts Lulu to manage their finances efficiently without micromanaging her.

This arrangement, according to Lulu, fosters harmony and allows each spouse to focus on their respective roles within the marriage.

"Rashid hapendi mambo ya pesa. Anakuambia deal nayo. Ni mtu mpoa sana by the way. Labda nimeangukia mtu mzuri. Sote tuko discipline in finaces. He doesn't micromanage the money but lets me handle it," she said.


Lulu and Rashid co-anchor the same news bulletin on Citizen TV, where their exemplary work ethics and professionalism are evident.


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