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Kenyans react as Robert Burale gets to meet his “twin” brother for the first time (Photos)

Who is who here?

Male Fashion Geek  with Robert Burale (Instagram)

There are supposedly seven people in the world that look exactly like you and City Pastor Robert Burale, got a twin brother in Jamaica.

On Friday, Burale excited a section of his social media family after sharing photos hanging out with his look-alike “brother’ for the first time.

From their physique to their sense of style, Burale and Male Fashion Geek (Instagram name) can easily pass as twins. Male Fashion Geek (Instagram name) was born in Jamaica, but currently lives in the US.


Taking to social media Burale wrote“With my brother @malefashiongeek ..The Lord is gracious. We met on Instagram then the good Lord orchestrated this meeting. Either he is Kenyan or I am Jamaican. WAGWAAAAAN . @izzynephyedge & @richblackafricathank you for the merchandise. Well received. We first”.

An excited Male Fashion Geek, also updated his followers about their meet up “It's a great day when you finally get to meet your Twin Brother from another Mother @burale1. God is gracious and allowed this to happen. Big thanks to @izzynephyedge & @richblackafricafor the merchandise!! Greatly appreciated!!”.

Fans who commented on the post could not get over their striking resemblances.

“Damnn.....not your bro??” DJ Pierra Makena.


“Burale, salimia huyo Kaka wetu Sana sana!. Amazing. Happy that you both got to meet”Yvonne Okwara

Wanjiru Mbugua “Now bring your mothers, we match you like those kakamega twinz “

Mwalimu Rachael “JEHOVAH!!! Dabo dabo portion! Pass my greetings!..Also does he want a radio show? We know you have one sooo let me have that one”.

“The striking resemblance” Selly Kadot


Nakaya Sumari “Has your dad ever been to Jamaica!?”

Mohameduna “You want to tell us that you guys are not related by blood?. Well it's getting to the boiling point “

Paul Sifa “Huyu ni waingo kapisa akuna chamaika hapa.”

Raychelle Musonye “At least you beat the deadline of 30th June. Returns duly filed with the KRA, Kenya Relatives Association. You are henceforth exempt from all "taxing" questions. Happy for you Coach”.


Make Fashion@burale1 My brother, it was such a great honor meeting up in person. God is definitely gracious and faithful. It's an amazing feeling bro! Thank you you so very much to @izzynephyedge & @richblackafrica for the merchandise. I'm humbled and appreciative of your act of kindness. Love ya bro!!

“Kakamega hospital should be investigated” Kevo.

Mawia Peter “Hii pia @citizentvkenya wa angazie tujue if mko brothers because people from the western something went wrong”

Nyande “Sasa boss, nikumbushe tena. Ati ulisema Wewe ni mgani Kati ya hawa watu mbili? “

Ladie “Mama ya nani alicheza daddy hapa... ama ni daddy alicheza kama harambee”


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