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Maina Kageni defends Diamond Platnumz after he was roasted over bad English

Diamond Platnumz’ public struggle with the English language both orally and written have made him a target for trolls.

Maina and Diamond

While promoting his new cologne, Diamond used the world ‘Incompleted’ instead of ‘incomplete’ and Kenyans were beside themselves in outrage and rushed to correct the Bongo singer calling his English mistakes unacceptable.

“ Haha feeling incompleted. Kiingereza ilikuja na meli kweli! Someone should attend remedial classes on the use of simple present tense and past participle tense.” Ruto Vincent wrote while Adonijah Neville chipped in with “Sio lazima utumie Kiingereza sababu Kiswahili ndo ya kwetu ila ikibidi tafta mtu wa kukusaidia.... You are a star and such silly mistakes are unacceptable....”

But the trolls were not done yet and some urged him to get an expert to market his products for him. Jay Felix Boss wrote “You wanna do marketing? Let the experts do the work for you. Your grammar is so pathetic!”


But there were those who felt that the attack was unwarranted and one of them was Maina Kageni who wrote “Ebu we get one thing clear.... English is a language, not a measure of intelligence... congratulations, Diamond Platnumz on your cologne line... @diamondplatnumz.”

A sentiment that others shared by writing:

Carol Kennice: I was about to correct his English then I remembered he is successful in life and I am not. I just had to shut my big fat mouth

Nungari Wa Muchai: Ceo You feel incomplete dear brother...I don't judge because I know if you speak or write broken English,it means you have another language.(mother tongue)English is not a measure of intelligence. Salute you !

Esther Achieng: As soon as I read this post I knew I would find a bunch of petty clowns criticizing him. For heaven sake, he didn't write the stupid "xa xa xo" language. The world can be a better place without you all clowns trying to make people look perfect, no one gave him the benefit of doubt that it may be a typo. He is even more successful with that limited English than you all. This is what is wrong with the world, read it correctly as you go  #endofrantsigh*


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