You will follow your dead wife, Husband to Nairobi’s prettiest thug warned

After the killing of Nairobi’s prettiest thug her husband has been dangerously warned…

Clea adi vybz

Clare was said to be the wife of one infamous robber known as Mwanii who is said to be one of Nairobi’s deadliest gangsters. But he seems to have met his match in one of Nairobi’s most trigger-happy policemen, Hessy wa Dandora.

In conjunction with Hessy wa Githurai. Hessy was Kayole, Hessy wa Eastleigh and Hessy wa Eastlando, these policemen have been gunning down dangerous thugs and sharing their photos on Facebook as a warning to other hooligans. They also share photos of thugs who have met their death in the hands of mobs.

Hessy wa Kayole went out this threatening message to Mwanii “Copper haitambui kama wewe ni ordi.... Very soon Mwani utamfuata bibi yako jambazi wazimu, pamba utauma hata ujifiche wapi.” (Translation: Policemen do not care if you are an ordinary citizen. Very soon Mwani you shall follow your wife, a  dangerous thief. You will die, no matter where you hide.)


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