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Tangu ukue beshte ya Jeff unaonanga nikama uko kwa Goverment - Mulamwah attacks Xtian Dela over curfew remarks

Sio lazima ukue controversy ndio upate retweets

Tangu ukue beshte ya Jeff unaonanga nikama uko kwa Goverment  - Mulamwah attacks Xtian Dela over curfew remarks

David Oyando popularly known as Mulamwah bashed Influencer and blogger Xtian Dela for blaming Kenyans who found themselves in the merciless hands of police officers on Friday 27th March.

In a tweet seen by Pulse Live, Dela accused Kenyans of not following the Government’s directives saying they had the time to plan and get home before the curfew time.

“Kenyans ain't serious. You were told to be in the house by 7pm. You had the whole day to plan yourself and get your ass in the house by 7pm. On this, I support the government! We need to be serious if we are to stop Coronavirus! #CurfewKenya #coronaviruske #EpukaCorona” read his tweet.


Mulamwah condemned Xtian's remarks saying that he should use his powers to advocate for people’s rights instead of shifting the blame on the people who were heading home.

He went on to add that it wasn't a must for him to controversial in order to gain enormous retweets and views.

“Tangu ukue beshte ya jeff unaonanga nikama uko kwa goverment bana Truth ni ati watu wanaumia bro , sio lazima ukue controversy ndio upate retweets na views , use your power to educate and advocate for people rights . #PoliceBrutality” said Mulamwah.

Kenyans on Twitter (KOT ) also came out in huge numbers to criticize the YouTuber’s remarks accusing him of ignorance and sounding like a privileged kid. Netizens called out Xtian for failing to understand the challenges the common mwananchi is going through.


Some Kenyans revealed that they left work as early as 2:00 PM but because of the lack of matatus in town and the congestion, they couldn't get home in time.

Here are some of the comments;

@JerryFinta You were probably born with a silver spoon in ur mouth. U need to realize that not every one can work from home. Not everyone earns a living from creating hashtags and retweets like you. A man hustles to provide for his family: respect that and style up!!!!

@Juanitaeditor Condescending and entitled...these 'Kenyans' are human beings!

@7fleaks2 anafaa ashikwe apigwe ndyo afeel venye tunafeel


@MakandiKithinji Just because you are privileged to have a job which is flexible and a vehicle, stop being arrogant! Some people leave work at 4pm, 5pm or later, and they have to queue for Matatus for more than one hour.

@chi_riswa we are sorry for not being as entitled as you are. some of us actually have to work to put food on the table

@MarryAnneKe To you, every Kenyan owns a personal car. THINK!

@BravinYuri Dela doesn't get it.


@GiniDaisy I disagree with you on this. People left work at 4pm. They have no cars and matatus are few. Have you seen the lines for PSVs in town???? Be serious!

@FauzKhalid My frien,you just sounded like a previledged kid who doesn’t know that there are Kenyans who can’t afford that bus fare to make him reach home before the curfew and had to work till 5 to put food on the table

@Ndanuness Learn to think outside the box and have some compassion. The average Kenyan doesn't fit within the graph you've drawn!

@nc_missy Public transport has reduced passenger capacity without increasing the number of matatus. It’s hectic no planning can sort that. But enjoy your privilege while condoningpolice brutality. Pray it never befalls you.

@sallymweru Saa zingine afadhali kunyamaza, watu wasijue level ya ujinga wako. Some police officers start beating people as early as 4:30 PM


@c_omondi4 As always you never miss an opportunity like this to show how empty you are upstairs. You are very thick man.


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