Mwalimu Churchill surprises Njugush with special Award on TV (Video)

Congratulations Njugush

Mwalimu Churchill with Njugush

Churchill show host Daniel "Churchill" Ndambuki surprised online content creator and comedian Timothy Kimani aka Njugush with a special award during this year’s Laugh Festival that went down at KICC.

In a new segment introduced by Churchill under the tag Taji Awards, Njugush was awarded the Taji Humour Recognition Award, as a way of appreciating his good work.

“Taji Humour Recognition Award:Online Creator - Timothy Njuguna

Congratulations @BlessedNjugushand keep up the great work.#ChurchillShow #LaughFestival3wrote Mwalimu Churchill.

Njugush the Funnyman

Njugush who was caught unaware, expressed gratitude towards Mwalimu Churchill for recognizing what he does on a daily basis.

Speaking about the award, Njugush mentioned that he is very thankful to Mwalimu, as he is always treated as “others” whenever people in the comedy industry are being crowned.

“Let me say thank you to people like you for always creating platforms tujulikane na watu kama hawa. Na wacha niseme napatiwanga Award lakini sijawahi pewa kama hii, I’m always treated as others. This means a lot. Thank you so much and God bless you.

“Thanks @mwalimchurchill for recognizing what we do. video : @chriskirwa. Wamlambez @mwalimchurchill !!!!!! I'm really humbled!!!!! Asante sana. Wamlambez brothers and sisters!!!!!!!!!” said Njugush.

Bull's eye reporter Emmanuel Juma

NTV reporter and Bull's eye host Emmanuel Juma also got an award for his exemplary work, at the Nation media owned station. Juma was crowned for his hilarious News segment that airs every Friday.

"We are introducing something called Taji Awards, and this goes out to someone who has done so much in this industry, humoring us week in week out, every Friday. Introducing the Taji Humour recognition Award, hilarious news segment show your love for Emmanuel Juma of NTV” announced Churchill.

The award was picked by Justus Tharao head of NTV, on behalf of Juma who was not present at the venue.

Team Kamami

Churchill explained that next year fans will be given a chance to vote for whom they think deserves to win the 'Taji Award'.

Terence Creative aka Kamami was also awarded for being instrumental in making sure Churchill show is a success.


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