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Docta Eddie has been sending people to seduce my girlfriend Otile Brown exposes his former manager

While on an interview at Radio Maisha, Otile Brown revealed that the main reason that triggered his departure from Docta Eddie owned Label was Breach of contract.

Otile Brown

According to Otile the hit maker of Pakate, his former Manager Docta Eddie did not stick to the terms and conditions agreed upon while signing their contract.

“My contract with Docta Eddie stated that I am supposed to get 50% of the revenues collected from the songs and show I was doing while under his wings. The contract also demands that I get a weekly allowance of 10,000, Food, house rent and clothing’s among other things, but surprisingly the management never provided that,” said Otile Brown


He added that despite being at Dreamland Music, he has been doing marketing of his own projects which is not in line with their agreement.

Recently Docta Eddie had poured out his heart in a lengthy Post saying how Otile Brown is not supposed to perform any song that was producer by him.

Dreamland Music

According to Docta Eddie Dreamland Music has nurtured and developed Otile Brown to the artist he is today, and therefore all the music he recorded under his label are part and parcel of Dreamland Music.

But while pouring cold water on Docta Eddie’s words Otile Brown revealed that he can’t be denied the powers to perform his own songs.


“This all issue have costed me a number of shows because some promoters fear to give me deals out of the words Docta Eddie had unleashed. But as for now my Lawyer has already served him with a demand latter to warn him from tarnishing my name,” said Otile Brown.

Otile brown and Dreamland Music had signed an 8 years contract that was brought to an end after the differences emerged among the two.  Early this year there were rumours that linked Otile Brown to Alikiba’s Recording Label.

Otile also opened up saying that Docta Eddie has been sending people to seduce his Girlfriend as a way of trying to frustrate him.

“My Respect to the CEO of Dreamland music has highly dropped due to the things he has been doing to me since I walked away. How can he mute my songs on YouTube while the same songs were bringing in revenue and deals to his label,” posed the bitter Otile.

In Otile’s words Docta Eddie was using him as model for his work.


Recording Label

At the moment Otile Brown is not signed to any management or Label, but just working with a PR firm called Terezo New Media, who will be marketing his projects.

Now Otile brown is enjoying Air play of his new projects Titled Aiyolela and Yule Mbaya that dropped recently.

Despite the setbacks Otile Brown seems to be moving on well with his music and now he owns a YouTube channel “Official Otile Brown”.


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