Prezzo threatens to kill King Kaka

"No one has the permission to talk to my Ex-girlfriend without my consent "

Prezzo and Michelle Yola during the happy days

Prezzo is not new to controversy and perhaps his controversial lifestyle that is full of drama has helped his star to continue shinning in the East African arena.

Recently Prezzo took to his social media to threaten the CEO of Kaka Empire, King Kaka telling him to watch out for his mouth or else he will take care of him.

“Kaka sunguch best watch his mouth my cousin sists finna take care of u #Rapcellency #Tulyunruly”, Captioned Prezzo on his Instagram Account.

Prezzo posted a video on his account that had a lady with a gun practicing how to shoot accompanied with the caption of threatening King Kaka.

This is coming days after Prezzo warned all Men to stay away from his EX-girlfriend saying he is not done with her yet.

The rapper told men that no one as the right to take a pic, video or even chat with his Ex-girlfriend with his permission.

Michelle Yola parted ways with Prezzo on allegations that he was cheating on her while exposing her small brother to the world without her consent.

Early on Prezzo’s fans were left guessing after he posted threatening men to stay away from Michelle but after his recent post it is clear that his fingers were pointing at King Kaka.

Prezzo who comes from the Famous Makini family has been featuring on the Nairobi Diaries a reality TV show that airs on K24.

However, Prezzo is known to be a man of creating bad blood with his fellow artist, bearing in mind that he doesn’t shake hands with Starehe constituency  Hopeful Charles Kanyi aka Jaguar


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