Kenyan socialite Corazon Kwamboka has finally come clean on claims that she bleached her skin.

In a post she shared on her Instagram page, the bootylicious socialite said she was tired of people constantly talking about her dark knees, every time she put up a photo on social media.

Corazon stated that she has never bleached and she does not plan to bleach and that her knees were dark because she used to kneel on hot gravel as punishment from her primary school teachers.

She however said that she does not care what people say about her knees, adding that they can go ahead and make fun of them for as long as they want.

“This place was literally heaven; I’m still not done posting. Also... since every time I post a pic one beautiful girl or boy usually end up talking about my dark knees, I’ll tell you why? It’s not coz I bleached; never have never will, it’s coz in my village primary school they used to make naughty pupils kneel on hot gravel for hours as punishment; and I was very naughty, so once a week I would end up on hot Kokoto for one reason or the other. You all know how thick my skin is that’s why you guys like bullying me,” read Corazon’s post.

Internet users have been making fun of the Kenyan socialite’s dark knees, alleging that she bleached to make her skin light.