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DJ reveals why he didn't date Avril and he had a chance

Just in case you didn’t know, DJ Crème once had a chance to date Avril but turned the opportunity down.


He chose to start it off by dropping the bombshell that he and Avril almost became an item but he turned the opportunity and in the process declining to reveal why.

But that was until he started talking about his wife Denise that he got carried away and revealed everything.

Apparently when it came to choosing a life partner, DJ Creme was more inclined to look for someone who was the exact opposite of him; someone who embraced simplicity and was entirely detached from the showbiz scene.


“Maze is wote tunaingia home 6 asubuhi na tu na watoi, itakuwa hard” DJ Crème further says while alluding to the fact that dating a celebrity is a lot of pressure.


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