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Meet 15-year-old, Mombasa’s most wanted criminal

He is as ruthless as they come…

Mombasa's most wanted

The two were said to belong to the Gaza or Superpower gangs notorious for robberies and killings in the Eastleigh area.

After this killing, trigger-happy cops under the moniker ‘Hessy’ have hunted down and brutally killed young gang members most notably Clea Adi Vybz.

Kenyans who have suffered under the reign of terror of these killer gangs love the work of the Hessys and often report criminals to them asking them to kill the criminals in what they are now calling ‘kukulisha copper’.


Now a 15-year-old boy who has struck terror in the hearts of people in Kibokoni area, Mombasa has been thrust into the limelight after a K24 piece with many urging Hessy  to kill the young boy.

Noordin a.k.a Mbavu Nene of an Old town youth gang called Temeke (TMK) is said to be very brutal and often yields machetes and knives which he uses very liberally on his unlucky victims.

After he was named in the ‘Most Wanted’ criminal list aired, someone who knows him from way back had this to write about him “This kid has really grown, I remember about 3years ago he attacked a mzungu lady so badly with a machete, he was taken to police but released later after his family bailed him out and also for being a minor. Just to be found again with a knife in a Mombasa cultural festival, he was arrested and released again under unclear circumstances.”

The worst part about this ‘Most Wanted List’ that most of the people in the list are very young people. They target women and children and kill at the slightest provocation and rarely care whether you cooperate or not.


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