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DJ Mo speaks on rumours of fathering DJ Pierra's baby

He has officially addressed the question on many people’s minds.

From their dazzling eyes to the colour of their skin to even the shape of their ears many would think they share a parent.

And many joked that DJ Mo had fathered little Pokot. After a long time of speculation, DJ Mo has finally addressed the rumour on Dr Ofweneke’s show.

“I am used to these stories, they make me laugh. Pierra is a good friend of mine and we laughed about it wondering whether this thing (conception) happened via Osmosis.” He said denying being the father of Ricca.


Opening up to True Love, Pierra revealed that her baby daddy is a businessman who she broke up with two weeks after learning that she had conceived. She later came to learn that the reason that they could never meet up to discuss co-parenting was that her ex was engaged to be married. "Even though he mentioned that we should at least meet and talk about it, he never made the effort to reach out again. I found at later is because he was getting married.”

Given the situation, many women in Pierra's place would have felt played and sought revenge but not Pierra. “The funny bit is, I was actually happy for him. I know that it sounds like a lie, but the day I went to church and asked God to be the father of my child, I was relieved of any burdens.”


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