Customers at city restaurant left in shock after girl storms out of Valentine’s Date

He should have just gone to the men’s conference.

Valentine's Day Gone Wrong (Courtesy)

Today is the day of love but for others, it’s a day of heartbreak, such as this young man whose Valentine’s date went up in flames.

Customers at a local restaurant were treated to a free show after a lady stormed out of her date. From the clip, the lady is heard shouting “You are always having excuses! Argh!” before rudely adding “Do you know how many guys asked me out today?”

The man’s attempts to calm his mamacita down proved futile as his efforts only stoked the fire as the girl stormed out of their date but not before stomping furiously on the flowers that had been presented.


The video has since gone viral on social media with some men referring to the lady as ‘entitled ‘and ‘over- empowered’ (whatever that means).

Below are some reactions to the date:

Robert Alai: When you make effort to impress an angry and hungry over-empowered woman, you get such results. The boy-child is on his own while the girl-child is throwing tantrums. Reality!!!! Hunger + Anger = #HangryBae

@jimmy_wonda: As we discussed to go for the men's conference and cooperate this gentleman decided to sneak out to impress bae

‏ @evan_kiplagat: Didn't we agree we going for the conference?

‏ @jacksontengeya: So far meeting iko sawa...those who Defied matokeo ndio hayo.. #ValentinesDay

 @sidwaka: Walisema twende #menconferenceKE wengine hamukusikia

 @johngrivance: Gov. Obado,Jowi and Kori are yet to address us....#signal

‏ @KimaniMwangiS: We at the #MensConference will just smile and continue with our afternoon session

 @IssaWangai: Ain't nothing "empowered" about her. Both are portraying symptoms of a crisis that we all have; feelings of inadequacy or entitlement

‏@Morris2022: He rubbished the men's conference memo, apambane ma Hali yake

@nasrudiinabdul: Mwanaume anunue maua ...hiyo ni umama


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