Daddy Owen’s reaction after being told that marriage killed his career

Does marriage kill careers?

Daddy Owen’s reaction after being told that marriage killed his career

Kenyan Gospel singer Daddy Owen has responded after a fan said that settling down is what has killed his music career.

The fan identified as Fred Nixon stated that Owen was one of the best musicians in Kenya, until he got married to his wife Farida.

Daddy Owen alikuwa anatesa industry vizuuuuri… alafu akaoa. Smh,” said the fan in a Facebook post.

The Vanity singer then got a hold of the post which he re-shared on his Instagram page while jokingly asking his followers if the fan was one of the “wajuaji wa Nairobi

He however, added that that there is a season for everything that happens in people’s lives and this is just one of the seasons.

Oneni huyu sasa na kiherehere....hawa ndio wajuaji wa Nairobi ama? 🤣🤣🤣 anyway.. the Bible talks about seasons.. There’s time for everything my brother...” he responded.

Several of Daddy Owen’s followers then joined the conversation some supporting Nixon’s sentiments while others sided with the singer.

Here are their reactions;

peris_kamau Pole but I am with him on this one. We miss you

kurialovechild the way umekimya kimziki Sana bro

gertiegee Kamati ya roho chafu😂😂😂😂😂

phyll99 Hata Mimi sijui niunge mkono🤔hii story juu Kuna kaukweli😁

mercydreamgal 😂😂😂😂 Acha nicheke kwanza... Now, huyu haelewi how the favor of God works. Am sure or rather I'd like to assume that this was on a lighter note, which also 👌could be a good thing cos it means una mafans na wanakupendaaa👌🙌... Personally I admire your musical journey and I hope one day we will do a collabo😉(hopes up🙌) na pia unatunza ndoa yako vizuri and we still know unatesa kimziki. #BeatsAndBlessings👊🏾

nyamujunior 😂😂😂😂 ni kama amesema ukweli

alydasitz But try balancing we need u out here. Your songs are a blessing to most of us

davidmukaye Papa fololo hapa I support him😂😂

martoh_mih_seh But its true...Gospel industry was wel represented unlike wat we are seeing oflate...


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