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Pilot Danzak opens up on his relationship with Wema Sepetu

I wouldn’t want to lose her!

Wema Sepetu speaks after she was allegedly proposed to by her new boyfriend Danzak

Hamdan Zakwani, popularly known as Danzak has opened up on his controversial relationship with Tanzanian Sweetheart Wema Sepetu.

In an Interview with Kiss 100, the Tanzanian pilot who doubles up as a singer revealed that they are very close and went ahead to say that he wouldn’t want to lose her.

Asked whether they were dating, the pilot said that it was a gray area and that they should leave things as they are .


You know there Is black and white, that’s a very gray area, Lets leave it as it is, nisije nikaharibu bure. Me and wema are very close, we are like very close. I don’t know what brought us together but we really clicked and I wouldn’t love to lose her. I would love to keep her. So I would say right now our relationship as friends or even more than friends is very good so let’s keep it there,” said Danzak.

The singer went ahead to say that Wema was an amazing person with a pleasing personality. He added that what people think of Wema and who she is in person are very different people.

She is a very hard worker, she is a a very dedicated, she is very smart and I like smart women I love wise women and that turns me on than a nice sexy lingerie. She knows what she is doing. I don’t know why she supported me,” said Danzak.

Asked whether he loved her, the Nidokoe hit maker jokingly asked who didn’t love Wema Sepetu. He went on to add that he was a very big fan of her.


Who doesn’t love Wema Sepetu? I am sure right now if I asked Kenyans to raise their hands, there would be two hands in the air. I love Wema Sepetu I’m a big fan of her, Shes amazing. If you get to know Wema you have no reason not to love her, “ said the pilot.

Proposed to Wema

This comes a few days after Wema opened up on claims that the singer had proposed to her.

Speaking to Global Publishers, Ms Sepetu who did not confirm whether it was true or not said that it comes with luck, and when her time comes she will be grateful. She went on to say that the most important thing is to pray that, that day comes.


“Unajua siku zote jambo la heri linaenda na heri hivyo basi kama ikifika hiyo siku mimi nitashukuru na itakuwa wakati wangu umefika sina zaidi la kusema kikubwa ni kuomba hiyo siku ifike na hilo jambo litimie,” said Wema Sepetu.

In January 2019, Danzak declared his undying love for Madam Wema and that he wanted to settle down with her, an offer she turned down saying that she would never get married to any Tanzanian musician.


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