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Dennis Itumbi trolled after tweet on Raila’s gift to Kisumu archbishop

Ndio maana Maribe alikukataa!

Dennis Itumbi trolled after tweet on Raila’s gift to Kisumu archbishop

Digital Advisor in the Office of the President Dennis Itumbi has been trolled after he sent out a tweet criticizing the gift Opposition chief Raila Odinga gave the new Kisumu Diocese Archbishop.

In his tweet, Itumbi said while the President and his deputy gave Archbishop Phillip Anyolo a car gift, Raila gave him a spear and a shield. He went on to question whether it was a magic tool to fight evil spirits.

By the way, as President @UKenyatta, DP @WilliamsRuto & Catholic MPs gave a Car gift that day to Archbishop Anyolo, what did the AU infrastructure head @RailaOdinga give? A magic tool kit? Apparently to fight evil spirits, not the Bible....well…” wrote Itumbi.


His tweet did not settle well with a section of twitter users who are die-hard fans of the opposition leader and they started attacking Itumbi.

Here are some of their tweets;

@abdallah_wayu @OleItumbi, kwa akili hizo ulizonazo ndo maana @jackmaribe, akakutaa licha ya kujipendeka kwake kila uchao, akili zako za kondoo utabakia hapo kwa kuandika mashairi ya mapenzi, ilhali wenzako wanala tuna. Hebu jiongezee mda mwengine.

@_sharonamayo Please go back to writing poems for your beloved.....hapa uko nje

@onlyaterics Maasai shield and spears signify that all Kenyans are always ready to defend the independence they fought so hard for and from crooks that are ready to grab school playing fields and loot 21 Billion from public coffers whilst pretending to build dams


@PrinzPetro Go report if you have evidence.

@mandelaonchwati Kiambaa Victims will have a different story

@Daniel_Amalemba Always diverting attention on Curruption riddled government with Petty stuff. We are awoke!

@ObureGeorge If you see tweet like this, know that itumbo's boss Dp has looted billions from poor Kenyans thus his salary (itumbo's)for 2022 is assured!

@Jabari4 At least that magic tool kit was not proceed of corruption,wacheni uwizi Buda.


@o_abuga Suddenly, you've resurrected after the handshake muted you. Prepare for tough times ahead

@bensonmainawa1 Earthly possessions will take no one to heaven my decide where u want to concentrate on

@nungari_joseph look at your life least the Archbishop received the gifts gifted to him by @RailaOdinga but turned down the car which he didn't even touch. that's what makes the your eyes the car is more important but in his eyes the spear is very important

@ammateri itumbi clearly doesn't understand culture..... we can forgive him for that.....

@OpwokoM At your age you still glorify things like cars? This too fades away!


@angiecentra What a silly our traditional african artifacts are now 'witchcraft' and magical?...colonisers did a number on you..

@OmwamiFernandes So because it has been rejected, he, DP deemed it necessary to disclose those who contributed NOW. He said, its his present.

@NgesaPhilip Well, the evil spirits were fought that moment, because the Bishop chose to keep the magic tool kit but rejected the evil car.

@ObureGeorge And in the same breath,your boss ulliam loots billions from poor Kenyans to plug the hole left by that car & money he's giving out!

@MRosengeri Engaging in useless politics is the reason as to why you thrown out from State House and re-deployed to William Ruto's office. You've forgotten that you are a public servant?


@kaulapaulsen Spend our taxpayers money slowly, you are usually on the other end supporting corruption.


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