Diamond who was in company of his girlfriend Tanasha Donna and a section of the WCB Wasafi members, took to his Insta-Stories to lament how the Airline (Air Tanzania) was mistreating its passengers.

According to Platnumz, their tickets were re-sold to other people on grounds that they arrived late at the airport, leaving them with no means of transport.

Tanasha Donna with Diamond Platnumz

He mentioned that the Airline was rendering poor services to its customers.

“Hi indo Ndege yetu ya Tanzania unakutana na mtu kama huyu anakuzuia , usinizuia mkono bana, watu mnakuja hapa majachelewa tiketi zenu zinauzwa zinapewa watu wengi, ndoo maaana Mashirika linawashindeni. Ndege ya kutoka Mwanza. Shirika kidogo linapewa dhamana mnauza tiketi za watu” says Diamond.

Wasafi Festival

Chibu Dangote and his team were in Mwanza for their ongoing Wasafi Festival that is expected to climax in Kenya on December 31st, 2018.

Fans at Wasafi Festival in Mwanza

The Mwanza standoff comes days after Diamond and his WCB Signee Rayvanny fell off stage while performing in Sumbawanga, western part of Tanzania.


The two fell after the podium caved in, causing them to slip hitting their body parts on the metals used to mount the stage.

They were rescued by stewards who were providing security services at the event.

Diamond and Tanasha Donna in Mwanza.

Despite the unfortunate event, the two went on with their performance but were later taken back stage to nurse their injuries.

Platnumz sustained a small cut on his hand while Vanny Boy also got a small injury on his leg with his trouser torn.