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Artist drags Wema Sepetu into his beef with Ommy Dimpoz

Diamond Platnumz is back to rubbing Wema Sepetu the wrong way.

Diamond Platnumz and Wema Sepetu back in the day

In a recent interview with clouds FM the Tanzanian superstar was heard saying if Wema Sepetu was a voice he could have signed her a long time ago, simply because she 'hits' for all sorts of reason.

The star revealed this as he was being interviewed by the Tanzanian radio station after he was rumored to be in bad terms with Ommy Dimpoz and Alikiba.

For a minute the singer left many confused with his unreasonable statements which sounded cocky.

He went ahead to mock others by saying his music is doing better in the industry compared to the small league trying to steal his shine.


Diamond went further to call out the likes of Ommy Dimpoz claiming that they were not in the same reason since he has no successful song and if he does…the song probably hit in Tanzania and Kenya but not anywhere else.

[sic] If music was about the voice he would've signed Wema longtime. You (referring to Kiba and Ommy) don't have a song that you can claim hit in Africa, yet you think you are playing for the A team? If indeed he is doing good, then his song must have hit in Tanzania and the furthest it went is Kenya. I on the other hand have travelled around world unlike others who know just know some other places thanks to Geography.

The drama has however taken a different turn as most people, including big and renown bloggers from Tanzania are now applauding Ommy Dimpoz for the maturity he has shown unlike Diamond who feels the world now revolves around him.

This is however not the first time Diamond Platnumz is bullying a cocky attitude towards his fellow Tanzania singers. At this rate, the artist is creating more points for people to dislike his ‘superstar’behaviour.


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