Tanzanian Afro pop star Diamond Platnumz has shut down rumours that Nillan is not his son with a photo.

His mother Sandrah shared a photo of him being held by his dad Mzee Abdul back then when he was a baby. From the photo, one could easily mistake Diamond for his son Nillan.

Sandrah captioned the photo, “Naseeb kichwa na mzee Abdul namuona Nillan mtupu.” Diamond left his comment on the photo and revealed that he has been looking for that particular photo to prove that Nillan is his son to those doubting.

He wrote, “Dah! Hii picha nilikuwa ninaitafuta sana…kuna picha moja nimembeba Nillan kama hivyo nilitaka nizimix halafu niwawekee maboya wanaokazania kusema Nillan siyo mwanangu…?”

The comment section was full of reactions acknowledging that Nillan indeed has taken after his dad. Some comments were:

“Wamefanana jamani

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safiii sana kaka hyoo ni mwanaooo tu hata waseme nn damu yko ni yko tu, mm mwenyewe hapo tu namuona nillan kwenye hyoo picha aise Kwel damu nzito

dah hakik nillan ni copy yak broh

ani hayo macho nillan mtupu

nani hao wanaosema Nillan sio mwanao?maboya haoooooo!mnafanana na Nillan balaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaà”

Speculations were rife in 2017 that that Nillan was Zari’s ex-husband late Ivan’s son.

The reports propelled Diamond’s mother to take a step and find out the truth. A Tanzanian media outlet reported that the stylish mother questioned Zari on the issue.

Zari later shut down the reports and warned haters to keep off the ‘5 star kid’. Diamond also rubbished the claims by stating “I am their biological father.”