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Diana Marua reveals why she stopped using this contraceptive

Diana Marua opens up

Diana Marua

Diana Marua has been forced to get rid of her family planning coil popularly known as the Non-hormonal IUD(Intrauterine device) Coil after her feet started swelling.

In a video shared on her YouTube, the mother of two stated that her doctor advised that she get rid of any foreign material in her body, in order to ascertain if the contraceptive was the cause of the swelling.

“I want to remove an IUD that I put…when you are a woman you will understand why we need such contraceptives. Family planning guys…

I have a history of swelling my left foot since high school, imekuwa on and off. I have been to hospitals severally, done so many tests but hakuna kiti ilikuwa inashow. Late on iliwacha tu kufura yenyewe, and that was it. But the last 5 days hii mguu ilianza tu kufura with a lot of pain. So the Doctor suggested we get rid of any foreign material in my body” Said Diana Marua.


Bahtati joined the conversations saying “When we went to the hospital The doctor suggested that she put rid of the contraceptive she was using because he didn’t want to take chances with anything"

Adding that his wife was reluctant to get the coil removed “My wife hataki tutoe contraceptive. Saying hatuiwezi ishii bila contraceptive yet am the King of withdrawal”.

In a conversation with her Gynecologist, Marua made it clear that she had done all the required tests to trace the cause of her swollen foot but all was in vain.

“It doesn’t hurt to remove; we can remove then monitor the progress” said Ms Marua’s Gynecologist.


Hormonal imbalance

Just the other, Ms Marua also shared her near ‘death experience’ with hormonal imbalance that left her face swollen with bad breakouts.

She narrated that October last year was the worst moment of her life due to her battle with hormonal imbalance and allergies caused by products she was using to cure her facial breakouts.

“…I normally get bad hormonal breakouts when pregnant. So October two months after giving Birth to Majesty, I got bad breakouts that were not fading off, so I was calling my Doctor every now and then inquiring, Mbona haiishi and he tells me it takes time. Give it up to six months and it was hard for me to take pictures and we had a Reality Show… so I used to wake up with new breaks daily na most off them ni zile zilikuwa na puss ndani… I was desperate for help or anything that I can apply on my face,” said Diana in part.


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