Diana Marua shares her near 'death experience' with hormonal imbalance (Video)

Diana opens up in emotional video

Diana Marua

Bahati’s wife Diana Marua has shared her near ‘death experience’ with hormonal imbalance that left her face swollen with bad breakouts.

In a 34 minutes’ video, Marua narrated that October last year was the worst moment of her life due to her battle with hormonal imbalance and allergies caused by products she was using to cure her facial breakouts.

“…I normally get bad hormonal breakouts when pregnant. So October two months after giving Birth to Majesty, I got bad breakouts that were not fading off, so I was calling my Doctor every now and then inquiring, Mbona haiishi and he tells me it takes time. Give it up to six months and it was hard for me to take pictures and we had a Reality Show… so I used to wake up with new breaks daily na most off them ni zile zilikuwa na puss ndani… I was desperate for help or anything that I can apply on my face,” said Diana in part.

Facial breakouts

Ms Marua went on to state that amidst her struggles with acne, someone Dmed her offering her soap and cream with a promise that it will do magic on her face in two weeks. Little did she know that the products she had been offered could worsen her situation.

“…so at this particular time I had the products with me and even invited the Guy who was bringing them to my home and he was very sure of what he was bringing me. He even told me after a week it will show results. So I trusted the products and I said let me start the journey of getting my skin back. So after a week I started getting my skin back the acne was clearing up. So after three weeks my skin started reacting…my skin was burning, red pigmentation all over. Am sharing with you this pictures because I want you to be careful with the products you use.

So my face started swelling and accumulating fluids, the reactions had started to take place…but I didn’t think it was the soap and the cream that was reacting with my skin. I woke up the next morning and my face was triple as it is now, I looked in the mirror and I was in shock…” added Ms Marua.

She was forced to go to Hospital, where she was referred to a skin specialist who attended to her.

“The doctor said I had to get and injection to help neutralize the allergic reaction before I get admitted. I started questing myself as to why I could not wait for the body to heal naturally, because the acne was caused by Pregnancy, I kept asking myself why I got myself in this situation because of breakouts that could have healed after sometime… am allergic to Sulphur and that soap or cream might have heard that component… so I got medication and my skin went back to normal but left me with black spots…Right now I can comfortably walk without make because I have been on medication.”

Diana pointed out that she decided to share her story so that her fans followers can learn from her mistakes.

I regretted the decision I made

“At times, we go through tough situations and experiences that leave us terrified, shaken and insecure. Towards the end of last year, I had the worst experience of my life. I could hardly look at myself in the mirror twice. I regretted the decision I made. I never thought I'd ever share this experience but today, I got the courage to. I'm no longer in that space, I healed and I learnt. I did this for you, to create awareness, to encourage you and to let you know that your flaws, your scars and your imperfections have a story and they make you beautiful in every single way,” reads one of her captions.

She went on to discourage Netizens from bashing people on the internet without the knowledge of what people are going through in real life.

“I see people getting bashed online for various reasons. That person may look strong but you don't know how they feel deep down. They probably cry themselves to sleep, others even get into depression. Let's Spread Love and Kindness. It doesn't cost a dime. Don't be the reason of making someone loose themselves,” added Ms Marua.

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