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Bahati’s wife trashes breakup rumours with new move

Tuko sawa.

First, it was accusations that Bahati had taken a secret DNA test, next people were having a problem with how the two displayed their baby on social media and lately the couple has been dogged by rumours that they have split.

Fans came to this conclusion after Diana Marua changed her profile name from Mrs Bahati to Miss Dee. The fact that photos from their traditional wedding had been pulled down from her account further fueled the fire.


In a bid to squash the rumours of separation, Bahati has reverted back to her marital name.

So it seems that their white wedding at KICC is still on, a wedding where Bahati involves his fans.

“Of course lazima white wedding na itakuwa kitu kubwa. Ntaifanya kicc ndiyo kila mtu akuwa part of happiness and I love my fans so much so I want to involve them in my family life. Itakuwa kama concert on August 26th,” Bahati said on ViuSasa.


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