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Different types of people you will meet in every workplace

Si hata Jane walipatwa na watchie kwa ofisi ya boss jana!

Different types of people you will meet in every workplacev

The workplace can be an interesting place because you will find people with different personalities and character traits.

Some colleagues can be nice and friendly people while others can be a pain in the neck. You are likely to meet the funny guy, the workaholic, that one person who is always walking around the office and the one who never gets any jokes.

And no matter how busy it gets, some colleagues will always have earphones stuck in their ears as if they were born with them.

Pulse Live did a research and came up with the different types of people you will find in every workplace.


Take a look;

Johny walker

They are always walking around, greeting people and updating them on whatever they missed last week. If they are not talking to people, they are taking a million trips to the dispenser or answering phone calls.

You are not sure when they get to complete their work.

The fashionista


They could walk right up from the chair and walk on a runway or even receive an award on behalf of the company.

They are always stylish, edgy and trendy. You will wonder why they don’t own a cloth line.

The late comer

They were born behind time. The boss dislikes them because they are always late and keep making up excuses. If it wasn’t the traffic, it was because they got arrested, or they forgot their wallet at home and had to go back for it.


The gossiper

They know everything that’s going on in the office as well as in other people’s lives. They know who will get a promotion, who will get fired and who is sleeping around with the other in the office. If you want any gossip, they are the right type of people to go to.

The borrower

Do they ever have anything of their own? No. They will borrow your notebook, pen and earphones. Others will keep borrowing money and you will keep reminding them to return it back.

The womanizer


Everyone in the office knows him because he eyes everything he sees in a skirt. He will katia married women but he mostly targets interns because its easier to fool them into his trap.

The clueless one

You work in the same office, but they never have an idea of what’s going on. They don’t check their mails and are always late for meetings.

They are always a step behind.


The one who is always answering phone calls

They will go out to answer their phones after every five minutes. And even when they are not answering calls, they will be on twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

The party animal

They love partying and during the weekend they are always hoping from one club to the other. They will give you long boring tales of how Caro started a fight in the club and how Brayo ended up sleeping in Jail.

The hidden love birds


They are keeping their relationship under wraps thinking no one can tell what’s going on, but people are usually aware of the chemistry, glances and the looks they give each other.

The tea slurper

Its either they weren’t taught how to drink tea quietly, or they just do it to annoy people. They will slurp their tea and you’ll hear them miles away from the office.

The laughing machines


Whenever they laugh, everyone will know who is laughing. They usually have a long uncontrollable laughter and sometimes you will laugh just because they’re laughing.

The silent one

They are usually calm, collected and reserved. They don’t even look as if they can hurt a fly. Its hard to interact with them because they hardly speak to anyone.

You guy my guy

Every office has a you guy my guy type. You will recognize them just from how they talk to what they wear.


Their English is never fluent because it has some sheng in it and they’ll always be like “ you guy my guy, when jana we went to Kile si we Lewad. Then I met this chiq and she semad Ati she daent kunywa Jamey, so we had to buy her anaa boti of vodi."

The joker

Its always a dull day without them around. They are the comedians in the office and always light up someone’s day. They will leave your ribs cracking and make your day better.

The humming bird


They are always humming, singing, whistling or even drumming. Sometimes they will forget that they are in the office and start dancing or sing loudly.

The debater

You probably know that one person in the office who loves arguing right? They are usually loud and are always right even when they don’t make sense at all. They can be pretty annoying at times.

The loud one

If you don’t hear them in the office, just know that they are sick and if they are in the office, they probably have a duct tape on their mouth. You can never discuss something private with them because they cant talk quietly.


The complainer

Nothing is ever good enough for them. They will complain about the office working hours, the pay and other colleagues. Something small will irritate them and before you know it, they are at the Human Resource office complaining about something else.

The foodie

They were born with two stomachs. When they are not eating, they will be talking about how they plan to eat or how hungry they are. You will always find a snack in their bag or locker.


The Punctual Paul

If you are supposed to report to work at 9am, he will always be there at 8:30. He always completes all his tasks at time. The Boss loves his dedication and commitment to work.

The Workaholic

Sometimes, they won’t even find time to talk to you because they are always working. They will work during lunchtime, be the first to get into the office and the last to leave.

The intruder


Some people don’t understand the importance of personal space and privacy. They will pass by your desk, stare at your screen and even look at your phone when its none of their business. Sometimes they will stand or seat very close to you making you very uncomfortable.

Intriguing employees

You see them once or twice in a week, say hi to them along the corridors, but you don’t know exactly what they do in the company.

The story teller


You will never miss such kind of a person in the office. They are usually dramatic, loud and their stories are always interesting. Once they begin talking, everyone will leave whatever they are doing just to listen to them.

The whisperer

They never shout or get loud when talking. They will be on the phone and you won’t even know that they are talking to someone.

Hot and Cold

This type of people can never be understood. They are always having mood swings. One minute they are happy the next they are not. They are just unpredictable and you never know when to talk to them and when not to.


The thief

You lost your water bottle last month and yesterday, someone stole your food in the fridge. Everyone looks like an angel but a colleague has been stealing your stuff. Who could it be?

The germaphobe

They always have a sanitizer with them, wet wipes and wash their hands after every five minutes. They avoid greeting people and if someone gets a cold they will avoid the person or even change seats to avoid any contact with them.


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