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NTV Presenter blasts DJ Mo for his attack on Njoki Chege

“DJ Mo is an embarrassment to the gospel industry for his demeaning and disrespectful portrayal of his wife. By showing us that he manipulated her into a marriage, he is basically telling us that she is a gullible and naïve woman. The deejay needs to shed off this celebrity lifestyle and be humble. But first, he must apologise to his wife for embarrassing her and making her come across as desperate for marriage.” Njoki wrote.

Before saying that in their marriage, DJ Mo is the one who is lucky to have Size 8 and not the other way round. “If you ask me, Size 8 is not the lucky one here, DJ Mo is. Indeed, he should consider himself very lucky for bagging such a beautiful and talented woman.”

DJ Mo swiftly fired back in a post that has seen many Gospel artiste jump behind him  and applaud for sticking it to Njoki Chege.

In the post, DJ Mo tells Njoki “My wife Is a queen and I TREAT HER LIKE ONE - my WIFE LOVED ME WHEN I WAS AND HAD NOTHING so stop twisting the whole thing for relevance because of few coins you’re getting paid for a column -that's all I meant - Njoki you need to look for attention somewhere else - Am one Christian you can't "Tisha "with your articles " I pray for you to get married and please come for some marriage tips & advices (sp) . ati I apologize - who made you the chair lady in the counsel of apologies -enemy of progress.”


This post and some of his other responses in the comment section has left a bad taste in the mouth of The Trend’s regular presenter Ciru Muriuki.

And so the presenter has send out these tweets and posted on Facebook to express just how she feels about DJ Mo's response:

Her Facebook post:


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