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Dr Ofweneke reveals the unexpected reason he walked out of his marriage

Most people assumed it was after his wife accused him of being a violent man, but Ofweneke says there is more to the story.

“Domestic violence is such a bad thing…I had to walk away…I had to run, yes I am a single mum of two and I know God will watch over me and my kids.” Read the message accompanied by a jarring image of a beaten up Nicah.

She then went on to add that this was not the first time Ofweneke had laid his hands on her as when they started dating he would beat her thoroughly but she hoped he would change but he didn’t. She finally had the last straw after years of abuse and left.

As the incident trended on social media, Dr Ofweneke remained mum about the whole affair but he finally let it all out on Let’s Talk on Ebru TV. He said unlike what many thought, he had left Nicah before the alleged beatings and not after.


He said that he decided to walk out of his marriage because he felt that he and Nicah were no longer on the same page. “I think we had different views in life and I woke up one day and I told her ‘Hey babe, I think God has given us one amazing child and this other one you came in with and I think for the peace of the family let’s have a peaceful separation.”

He added that he didn’t want to be the kind of man who throws a woman out of his house so he picked up his belongings like his clothes put them in his car and left after promising to take care of his kids.

“I said l will take care of the kids but for us, it may not gone down well….I have never looked back.”

A while after he had separated with Nicah people started blowing his phone up.

“I was in the middle of a meeting my phone was buzzing, my P.A called, my close friend who I was living with at that time and my father called. I picked up my P.A.’s call first and he was like ‘we are trending.’”  He said and when he checked the internet there were the allegations of domestic violence during his relationship with Niccah.


“I was sad but I was told there is no problem bigger than God. I called my mum and cried , I won’t lie I cried like a fool my mother told me to cry and I let all it out, we prayed on phone. I summoned all my spiritual friends like Robert Burale and we prayed.” He confessed.

But despite the drama, they are now good friends and still chat.

He also added that he doesn’t want Nicah to come out and confess that she lied because he is apparently ‘willing to bear the burden of being a villain’ for the sake of their kids.

“Its okay me carrying the burden of this story for the sake of my kids, it’s okay me being the villain than their mum being the villain.”  He concluded.


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