Nicah The Queen speaks on getting back with ex-hubby Dr. Ofweneke

This comes days after Ofweneke addressed accusations of domestic violence in their marriage

Nicah who was engaging in a question and answer session on her Instagram account, responded to curious fans who wanted to know if she can reconcile with Dr. Ofweneke.

“Given another chance to get back with Dr.Ofweneke what would you change and what advice can you give to newlyweds” asked a fan.

“No I will never go back to Egypt.” said Nicah the Queen

Not dating

Asked on whatever she was in a new relationship, Nicah stated that currently she is not dating.

“Are you dating?” another fan asked

“No I’m not” answered Nicah

She also addressed that rumour that she parted ways with her Hubby after she was got cheating on him.

“Rumours were that you cheated. Is this true” reads a question from a fan

“Nope I didn't cheat. I’m a very loyal person”

Domestic violence

“I have never talked about it any. First of all I must say this on national TV, If there is a woman I respect so much and I tell her every day because we talk, I my x-wife we have become the best of friends. Considering if there was domestic violence or not, a time its never what it looks it is, so many things can be labeled at someone, they can be true or not true. Later on she wrote me a very long text and she apologized and I apologized back. I wasn’t a very perfect husband or father, I had my faults.” Said Dr. Ofweneke.


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