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Diamond warns fans after they attacked him over his family [Video]

His new family video had raised Eyebrows

On Wednesday evening, the WCB president took to his Instagram account to share a short video, explaining who he had missed the most in his family.

In the video, Diamond had all his family members ranging from his Kids with Zari and his WCB  crew. Apparently, his son with Hamisa Mobetto (Dylan) was not captured in the video hence raising eyebrows, on whether he doesn’t recognize him as his own.

The Act prompted his fans to raise questions on why he was excluding his son with Hamisa.


Chibu Dangote responded with a tough warning to his fans who were taking sides, in order to divide his family.

“This is my Kid...and he will forever be my Kid, tena My Beloved Kid....Hakuweza kuwepo kwenye clip iliyopita sababu  Hakuwa na clip ya mimi na yeye ya Hivi si Vinginevyo.......Halaf cha kuongeza, msiniletee Uteam wenu kwa Watoto zangu! they are all my Kids, Nawapenda na siwezi mtenga wala kumbagua yoyote..... ” warned Diamond Platnumz.

Mama Dangote, who is always flaunting Zari Hassan’s kids (Nillan and Tiffah) on her Instagram page, disclosed that it’s still not the right time for her to start sharing photos of her grandson Dylan.

Her response had been prompted by a fan who had asked why she never recognizes Hamisa Mobetto’s son as her own grandson.


“@Leilah_Suleiman Mama nakukumbusha umesahau Dylan au huna picha zake tufanye kukutumia” asked a curious fan

Bi. Sandrah replied stating that “@Leilah_Suleiman Siku yake haijafika ikifika mtaona”



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