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5 foolproof ways to deal with your teenagers for this 2 months school break holiday

The Ministry of Education has announced that schools will close for two months this 3 term meaning all school activities will resume in January 201

As exciting as it sounds for the young students, most parents are still wondering how they will manage their children while they are at work. November and December is usually the month where our teenage brothers and sisters what to explore what most adults do.

So shall we keep them on a leash to avoid them getting carried away by drugs, parties and sexual activities? Well no…below are a few tips that most parents and guardians use to ensure they keep these young children in check.

Establish boundaries

Having idle teenagers in the house is quite challenging. However this does not mean that you give out your powers when they challenge you. This is why it is important to set boundaries which will help maintain a good relationship between you. Apply ground rules that are sensible and reasonable to work with.


Effective Communication

Communication is key! It is important to listen to your teenagers whenever they speak. By paying attention this will show them how much you care. It also creates room for you to say “No” diplomatically but firmly

Never give up your power

As a parent or guardian it is import to establish who is the “boss”. When you allow your teenagers to sit on your thrown then it means more trouble on your side. Therefore, set the rules and ensure they are followed.

Create bonding time


Doing the fun filled events with your kids will make them more interested in doing what is right. You may think it is a way of bribing them to be good, but hey it is pretty much effective. Also this exposes you to understand your teenager/child from a different angle.

Give them some space

Just because you want to monitor them does not mean you have to crowd their space. It is important to allow them to think they are in control while you monitor them on the low. It is also advisable to let them establish what is right from what is wrong.


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