Former Classic 105 presenter embarrasses Senator Mike Sonko

In the past,this popular presenter has clashed with Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko.

Mike Sonko

In 2015, Salma posed with a gun and Ciku Muiruri sent this message to Mike Sonko “Ur daughter says she is all about thug life and is ready to clear out all her haters with her gun. I wonder where she got that from… Scratching my head. Wait, I remember! This is you, no? With shotguns at a funeral parlour? Well, perhaps the apple truly never falls too far from the tree. smh.”

Mike Sonko was not pleased by her comment and succinctly replied with “@MissCiku u don’t have the right to talk about my family, that’s my personal life. Pls just mind ur own business!!”

The two clashed again after Ciku said that she would be euphoric if Peter Kenneth ran for the Nairobi governor seat to save them from Mike Sonko’s clutches.

“If Peter Kenneth runs for Governor of Nairobi I will be filled with such elation, euphoria and exultation. I can't even begin to describe!" She tweeted before adding “So much so that I will happily donate my time, resources etc to make sure you get elected! Please save us from @MikeSonko”

As expected Mike Sonko caught a feeling and hit back with a blast from Ciku’s past which was her dalliance with the infamous Kenyan mercenaries the Artur Brothers.

“Kenyans haven't forgotten the company you keep; you dined and wined with foreign mercenaries. You should focus on clearing your name first” Sonko Tweeted back.

Hurt, Ciku Muiruri came back with a punch, poking fun at Sonko’s illiteracy

“Subjudice. Perhaps if you read a book or two you'd know what that means. You'd also know who assumes office when President & DP aren't there”

Now Ciku is back to embarrassing Sonko, and this time is by returning the favor by embarrassing Sonko with the past, just like he did last year.

She pulled up some unfavorable photos of Sonko including his nude pics with Shebesh.

She later revealed that she had cast a vote for Peter Kenneth:

#NairobiDecides The process was quick and painless. No lines at Kilimani Primary if you are registered there but other places I hear are quite efficient as well. Except for St George's (someone mentioned hooligans). Vote! As for the many Sonko trolls commenting here, get off your computers and go vote too. Remember to put an X next to the candidate you don't want. See below:


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