The shocking past of Bahati’s Tanzanian crush who was charged with the murder of local actor

A while back, gospel singer Bahati revealed that he was very willing to quit the bachelor’s club and settle down if only Elizabeth Lulu Michael would have him.

Elizabeth Michael flaunts her curves in a plunging peach dress

He went a step further and made his intentions known to her. A few days later, Elizabeth replied with a vague ‘Aww’ and a blushing emoji.

A reply that left room for speculation with some concluding that she was just flattered and thought it was adorable that he liked her but isn’t up to dating the young musician or that she found him attractive too and would be willing to date him.

For those who are not familiar with Bahati’s crush, Lulu is a decorated Tanzanian film & TV series actress, a brand ambassador and a reputable TV host. Lulu has worked in series like Dira, Zizimo, Taswira and has hosted Tanzania Movie Talent (TMT) and the Airtel Yatosha TV Show. She also the African Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards 2016 winner for her movie ‘Mapenzi’.

But her journey to the top didn’t come without its fair share of hurdles. This is because at 17 years old, she was linked to the death of popular Tanzanian actor Steven Kanumba .She was accused of accidentally killing Steven during an argument by pushing him violently where he fell and received a fatal blow to his head.

This incident took place at his Sinza Vatican home in Kindononi district Dar-es-Salaam. After Kanumba passed away, Lulu was arrested and taken into custody at Oysterbay Police Station before she was later charged with murder and remanded at a Tanzanian prison for seven months.

Lulu who started out as a child actress was later charged with manslaughter in 2013 after her case was amended. During the trail, Lulu said that she had not killed the popular actor but agreed that they had an altercation with the deceased actor on that fateful night.

“I admit we had a quarrel on that night but I deny causing his death.” Lulu told the high court in Dares Salaam where she was charged with the unintentional killing of Steven. Since unintentional homicide is a lesser charge than murder, Lulu was released on bond in January 2013.

After her release, Lulu went on to launch her movie ‘Foolish Age’  in August that year and she won ‘Best Actress’ at the 2014 Tanzania People's Choice Awards (Tuzo Za Watu) thanks to the movie. This production seemed to put her career back on track and she went on to win various awards and secured celebrity endorsements with Paisha Tanzania and Freestyle Napkins.

But that is not all, she manage to rise from one of Tanzania’s most hated to one of Africa’s most beloved actresses. In addition, she has also established herself as a reputable fashionista.


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