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Babu Owino reacts to Otile Brown's poster for Embakasi East Constituency with hard-hitting remarks

Can this joker stick to singing...Slay queens can’t make it in the world of politics-Babu Owino

Babu Owino

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino caused a stir when he reacted to a flier that went viral, indicating that singer Otile Brown intends to contest for the Embakasi East Constituency seat in 2022.

Taking to Twitter, Babu who is the current Embakasi East lawmaker dismissed Otile Brown as jocker who has cannot make it in politics and urged the Chaguo la moyo hitmaker to stick to singing.

“Can this joker stick to singing.Siasa itafanya upoteze Sauti bure na warembo wanahitaji hiyo Sauti yako nyororo.”

In a hard-hitting tackle, the MP added that “Slay queens can’t make it in the world of politics”.


The comment elicited mixed reactions with a section of netizens faulting the MP for belittling other people’s dreams.

“So illiterate of you to comment such on someone's ambition, do you think you own Embakasi East Constituency it will end in tiyaaas (sic)” wrote King Rony.

“You look scared, every other person can be an MP there. It's not limited to you, let him try his luck” quipped Japheth Kemeli.

@NimimiJosh urged the lawmaker to learn the power of silence, alluding to the fact that the flier could be misleading writing : “Jifunze kunyamaza not everything you see is true”.


The Musician whose real name is Jacob Obunga is yet to release an official statement on his political ambitions.

One cheecky netizen, perhaps alluding to an earlier gun drama in which the MP was involved in wrote that “The only shooting he (Otile) does ni videos”.


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