There is usually a lot of pressure imposed on married women or women who have reached a certain age (25+) to have kids.

And childfree living is quite the controversial topic as one is often bombarded with questions and warnings of regret as your biological clock ticks away.

But Emmy Kosgei she has risen above the societal  pressure of getting kids.

She expressed that she is open to having kids but is in no rush to do it as marriage for her was not just to produce kids.

“I didn’t get married just because I wanted to have kids. Relationships are about unions and destinies. If you are attached to the wrong person, it can affect your destiny permanently. I’m also very busy but yes, I do hope to have my own children one day,” She told Parents Magazine.

While she awaits her children Emmy is a loving step-mum to Anselm Madubuko’s, three children, Velma, Sandra and Anselm Jr. “My step-children respect me and call me mum. I don’t take it for granted,” She disclosed.

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