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Eric Omondi and fiancée cause a stir with their latest stunt

They certainly know how to keep people engrossed in their business.

The huge Billboard whose message read “Welcome home Chantal, Welcome home my love” excited Kenyans as public displays of affection of that proportion are rare.

Next came the red BMW gifted to Chantal by Eric on Valentine’s Day which set the bar higher.


But it seems that fans have caught on that these public displays of affection are well-placed ads. Fans came to this conclusion after Eric Omondi’s latest post about Chantal renting out a house that was gifted to her by her parents.

“Miss Chanty’ s parents blessed her with this amazing gift of a house at Five Star Estate along Kiambu Road and she's renting it out... Call 0722684*** for more details.” Read the post.

But fans were quick to point out that they were now ‘woke’ and had figured out that it was an ad.

Check out some of the reactions to his latest stunt:

Dhikucho: Omondi promotes a lot of things for different companies thts his work .no one sells gifts from parents especially parents


Misssamoh: Looks like you have great advertising and marketing skills

susanna_abdulla: This is just an advert they’re doing don’t think it’s real…we’re used to your stunts Eric.

wadiso1924: Lol umekua broker acha kutubeba ufala…

narita_nuri_nuri: You guys should just say ur renting the house its not hers though...

Ad or not, you gotta give it to the guy, he is pretty good with these ads.


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