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Ethic wins prestigious award


Ethic wins YouTube award

Popular Gengetone group, Ethic are here to stay, and they just proved it by winning a YouTube award.

They crew took to Instagram to show off the YouTube Silver Creator award which they were awarded by the streaming site for hitting the 100K subscribers mark.

Excited fans went ahead to congratulate Ethic Entertainment on winning the award.


Major Setback.

The award comes a day after their new song ‘Thao’ featuring boondocks gang, was pulled down from YouTube due to copyright claims.

The video was pulled down after a company called De Gigz Films launched complaints about the video for using their footage without permission.

If you had watched the “Thao” video you will realize that there was a drone shot at the beginning of the video, which apparently was stolen from a film owned by DeGigz Films.


This is not Ehtic’s first video to be pulled down from YouTube due to Copyright claims. In August their song “Figa” mysteriously disappeared from YouTube.

It later turned out that, Figa is a copy and paste of the song Cono by Puri ft Jhorrmountain and Adje that was officially uploaded on YouTube, December 9, 2017. The resemblance between the two songs is what caused its deletion from all streaming platforms.

Here are some of their comments

hypetonny Congratulations bana

_healthytruth congratulations ethic you deserve it


corrupt.soul_Congratulations yoh! Sasa tumedi na reggae zitushike kibuda

novahmuzik This is inspiring keep it up

2_mickey Waambie warudishe vida ya thao... Inauma but itabidi wazoooee

chachaportraits.ke__ Tesa tesa kutesa

chachaportraits.ke__ Ethic all the way


chachaportraits.ke__ Congratulations wakubwaa

alsinnah thats huge congrats team ethic

chettinoh nice one ...Reckleess baba yao

dreamerkwann Hatuezi pinga hiyo mnanukia kila place Big up

vibronix_ Step by step lazima kuomoka


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