Tamima Ibrahim bid adieu to KTN in 2017, 5 years after making her debut as a ‘Str8 Up’ host.

She moved to Ebru TV a relatively new station as the Channel Operations Manager. A move that was viewed as crazy by many people as KTN had so much to offer to her in term of career growth.

Tamima served as Ebru TV’s Channel Operations Manager (Instagram)

“Everyone thought I was mad! I had a good position and more opportunities for growth at KTN than Ebru TV but the later appealed to me. Ebru TV had a great team with great resources but some reason it had not picked up with the Kenyan audience. With my experience in the TV business, I was definitely up for the challenge,” she told Parents magazine.

In April 2018, she left Ebru to take up a job as the Head of Content and also the host of ‘Real Talk with Tamima’ at Switch TV.

The host of ‘Real Talk with Tamima’ at Switch TV (Instagram)

She broke the good news with a post that read “Just Do it. Dreams don’t work unless you do #RealTalkwithTamima premieres on Monday 24th of September 8:30 pm on SwitchTV available on all signet set-top boxes.”