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Top Radio Jambo presenter exposes the fake lives most Kenyan celebrities live

Don't be blinded by the flashy life, some are really struggling.

Which means that a lot of them end up going broke in a bid to keep up appearances as a celebrity but in reality, not many can afford that kind of life as their earnings cannot sustain their lifestyles.

And this in Anita Raey’s opinion is one of the problems many celebrities have.

“Most people in media are living beyond what they can make and they are STRUGGLING and they can quote me on this but I don’t care as I’m always honest. Watu wengi kwa media wanalead life yenye wanataka watu wafikirie wako nayo. You are making 150,000 usidanganywe ati kwa industry watu wanalipwa mamita, Kwani how much are these companies making? Okay maybe a few people are being paid very well, but not everybody. But because you have a name, you want to live like DJ Khalid na unataka ku-slay.” Anita said.


She believes that living a simple life is the key to sustaining yourself and your reputation in the showbiz industry. “Look at the people who have been in the industry for long and don’t have scandals. A good example is Maina Kageni.Have you ever seen him being all flashy? When I say he is my role model, he is my role model for one reason, he keeps it simple.” The Radio Jambo mid-morning presenter stated.

Anita also added that one should not live their life to please people. “You don’t have to please people halafu? Ati sababu I’m Anita Raey I enter the bar and buy drinks? I’m I raising you? I don’t wanna waste my money. Ati I go to Kiza because I want to look famous?! That’s our problem unataka mtu afikirie you have made it. I am not going to live a life I can’t afford.”


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