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Exclusive: Willy Paul opens up about his child

Daddy Pozze.

Willy Paul (Instagram)

About 3 years ago, a 23-year-old woman from Mathare revealed to a Kenyan media house that she had a 5-year-old child with singer Willy Paul.

“He at first denied the pregnancy and later when I showed him the pregnancy test results he urged me to abort and I refused. When I went back home, I told my mother and she said I should not abort and promised to help me raise the baby,” Flocan Waithera old Nairobi News. Willy Paul denied these claims by telling the paper that “You know there are a lot of women who claim to (have) my children but the truth is that I have no son or daughter.”

Though he may have denied that he has kids back then, Willy Paul has now disclosed that he has a son.


“Niko na mtoi. I have a son,” Willy Paul said during an interview with Pulse Live.

“You are married?” the presenter sought to find out.

And Willy Paul replied with “Wee jua I have a son and I am happy. Watoto ni blessing .Wewe jua niko na mtoto mzungu mahali,”he revealed.

Abstaining till Marriage


The singer also disclosed that even though he has a son he is abstaining from sex till marriage. These claims made to Pulse Live are in line with an earlier interview he did with Mambo Mseto.

Addressing claims that he overdosed on Spedra a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction, Willy Paul denied claims of using the Viagra-like drug and said that he is abstaing till marriage.

“I wasn’t admitted in the hospital plus at my age how will I be using Viagra? Mimi Kwanza naabstain hadi nioe. After this story nikasema I wish kuna tu wale walikua wamepitia kwa mikono yangu watokee tu waseme Willy hakuangi hivyo. Willy hatumiangi hizo vitu but unfortunately hakuna wenye wanaweza tokea juu niliamua kuabstain tu until marriage,” Willy Paul said on Mambo Mseto.


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