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Meet the Beautiful TV Girl who was proposed to, Three Times [Photo]

Mapenzi Yanarun Dunia!!

Separate locations

During an Interview with People Daily, Faith Muturi revealed that her Hubby George Ngugi popped the big question three times, in three separate locations.


“He blew me away. He proposed three times, with three rings, three days and three different locations; Villa Rosa Kempinsky, Rift Valley and Limuru and I said yes to all. It was so special.” Remembered Faith Muturi during the Interview.

‘The Bible says a three-cord strand is not easily broken. So that’s him, me and Jesus,” she said.


She added few months before their wedding, they were faced by an obstacle that threatened to tear their relationship apart.


The couple visited a gynaecologist to get advice on contraception and family planning, but the word from the doctor wasn’t very encouraging. They were told that she may not have a child biologically all her life because of various reasons.

“I thank George for being there at that time because he had powers to call off the wedding, but he didn’t do it. At the back of our minds we knew that we would have our own children,” she reveals.

Baby boy

Two years later, they defied odds to conceive and gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, Lemuel Imani in December 2016.


Through her own established training company, Faith has specialised in working with organisations to equip them, transform their culture and achieve their goals. Her niche area is on facilitating training on leadership and soft skills that help in implementing strategy.

“hat I felt my season on that show was coming to end, and in May I resigned, but stayed on a bit longer to allow them to get a new host.” Said Faith on her Exit Journey from NTV


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