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Family reveals what killed 'Njoro Wa Uba' actor Duncan Ochonjo

The deceased's elder brother also addressed reports of depression and claims of neglect that surfaced after the actor's death

Kenyan comedian and actor Duncan Ochonjo passes away

The family of the late comedian Duncan Ochonjo has revealed what killed the "Njoro Wa Uba" actor.

Kevin Okoth, the deceased brother emotionally recounted the actor’s last minutes alive and shared the health challenges he had, which eventually claimed his life.

In an interview with YouTuber Trudy Kitui , Okoth shared that his brother who was battling Tuberculosis (TB) suffered organ failure.

"All his organs zilikuwa zimebeat liver, kidney. Kitu imemuumiza Dan. He had Tuberculosis and you can’t treat TB while these organs are not functioning. (All his organs were not in good shape, liver, kidney. He had Tuberculosis and you can’t treat TB while these organs are not functioning).


"There was a clash of medication, so it was hard." Okoth explained.

He dismissed reports of depression and blamed the deceased’s friends who he lived with for neglecting him.

"Dunco was not depressed, you cannot abandon your brother. Dun was staying with adults, huwezi abandon mwenzako to let them get sick to the point he can't walk and then take him to work in his condition, then return him home. Mbona hawakumpeleka hospitali?

"How do they try and push the narrative that Dunco aliwachwa na family? na wanaishi na yeye kwa nyumba moja?" Okoth asked.


He recounted that he had a bad feeling from the moment he was called to take his ailing brother to hospital even as he came to terms with his death, noting that he was taken to hospital when in bad state.

"It was too late, when we reached the hospital, the doctor called me and told me your brother is in a very very bad state. There are people to blame, of which I could be one of them but that is my story, and I loved Dan so much, nobody can fault me about my brother.

"My brother Dan, huyo unajua mungu hupanga vitu zake pia. So I had high hopes with my brother." Okoth added.

He admitted that he had a bad feeling when he was called to take Duncan to hospital.


He added that Dan had signs of improvement and he encouraged him that he would recover and head home as they held hands.

"I told him Dunco you are strong. Hapo utatoka. He was eating, so while he was eating he lifted his hand and held mine." Okoth said.

This however changed quickly the following day as the actor became even sicker, before eventually breathing his last.

"He was not himself again he could not even see me, he was unable to eat. I left him with his workmates." Okoth said.

His memorable appearances in popular local series, including the well-received "Kalausi," "Inspector Mwala", "Mazagazaga", "Njoro Wa Uba", "Vashita" etc, further solidified his status as a respected and admired entertainer.


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