Fans clash over Brenda Wairimu’s act of hiding daughter’s face

She turned 5 years old on Wednesday

Fans clash over Brenda Wairimu’s act of hiding daughter’s face as she turns 5

On Wednesday, Actress Brenda Wairimu and singer Juliani threw an exquisite Birthday party for their daughter Amor Njeri upon turning five years old.

The two shared photos from the Birthday Party on Instagram, with captions that read;

“Could we BE any happier?!? Happy 5th birthday my Amor Njeri ⛄❄👸” wrote Brenda Wairimu.

Juliani wrote “Today my little one, Amor Njeri turned 5yrs. She celebrated this day at his school na ma classmates. Special thanks to @BrendaWairimu for going the extra mile to make it happen. I wish her Godfather would've been here to see it,”.

Hiding her Face

Celebrities and fans joined the conversation to also wish Baby Amor Njeri a happy Birthday.

However, a section decided to question Brenda’s act of always hiding her daughters face from the public.

One user identified as lucyjohnss asked “Why always hide the childs face... Are you not proud of her”

In a quick rejoinder another user responded sayingodongo_nyambok @lucyjohnss or maybe to protect her from the internet?”

Another user, Frida Juma joined the discussion stating that every parent have their own principles, on how to raise their kids.

frida2juma - @lucyjohnss no parent is not proud of their kid, this is very much in order! Fact that others display their kids in social media, does not warrant you to change your principles and ape them.... God bless the Birthday girl InshaAllah @brendawairimu_ @julianikenya

Protecting her from the Public

Acia Muiruri noted that the internet should not dedicate what people should do with their life.

aciemuiruri @lucyjohnss who set the normal mark? Who decides what normal is? You? Beyonce and Jay-Z? Lol. And what's your interest in the child's face? If you really want to know her in person, work hard to know the parents in 2020. You might just get invited for Thanksgiving Dinner this year if Brenda and Juliani still won't have shown her face by then. But until then, just know that your normal is not always normal to everyone. Let parents parent their own! You parent yours! Peace”.

louisvuitton_pabz @lucyjohnss Child is under 18yrs of age, Parental Consent is needed plus nipoa ku protect image ya mtoi from social media,we have psychos out here”

Sometime back, Brenda defended her act of hiding her daughter’s face from the public saying;

“We are a very young family and we do not want to subject our family to scrutiny. I’m very protective of things I hold dear.”


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