Unaachwa unakua motivational speaker - Fans tease Tanasha after ‘fight evil with good’ remarks

Amesahau i'm loving the woman i'm becoming!

Unaachwa unakuwa motivational speaker - Fans tease Tanasha after ‘fight evil with good’ remarks

Fans came out to tease la Vie singer Tanasha Donna after she took to Instagram to disclose that there was no need to repay bad with evil since Karma always has a way of doing revenge.

Tanasha further added that someone sleeps better at night when they know that they were loyal, real and genuine.

When people wrong you, never wrong them back. You can only fight evil with good. You’ll sleep better at night knowing all along you were real, genuine, loyal and not fake. As you sit back and relax for their Karma “ read her post.

International acts

In another Insta story, Ms Donna, talked about how things looked up in her music career, even talking about International acts.

"The blessings that I’ve been receiving these past two weeks..the international acts I’m about to work with..its now overwhelming. I knew God wasn’t sleeping on me. He always wins just wait. Wont be too long" read Tanasha's post.

"Just God. Me, my family and the Grind.." read another post.

Netizens who have been on Tanasha’s case following her alleged break up with Tanzanian star Diamond Platnumz, made fun of her, claiming that she had turned into a motivational speaker and would soon publish a book on how to move on.

Others even claimed that when things were good she barely mentioned God in any of her stories, but now that things had gone South, she kept talking about God, even quoting bible scriptures.

This comes a day after Ugandan Businesswoman Zari Hassan shared a post on one of her Instagram page wondering why Tanasha never learned from those who had dated Platnumz before her and why she settled for someone who never changes his behavior.

Here are some of the comments;

wambui_pau Sasa msichana badala anyamazie atushtue ghafla bin vu😂😂😂😂......kazi ni mdomo tu.... Hakuna msee alimforce kuendea simba🤷...kidogo kidogo atoe kitabu on how to move on. Gurl take a chill pill

gasyombua When u were doing good u never mention God now u mentioning him everywhere😅

iamstevens.ke "How to wake up from the den of a lion" by tanasha donna... cooking wadau mtaona jina yangu happy nyuma

zawadi_mawanda Ubaya ya heartbreak sasa nikuanza kupreachiwa

abe_maker And the motivation continues...😂 Huyu Simba Baba Lao si aende SSD🇸🇸 to mentor one of our ladies awe motivational speaker. We are missing out in EAC mentorship programme😂😂😂

shekue_papa Amesahau "am loving the women am becoming siz"😭😭😭😭"isnt funny how God removed some pple out of your life"😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

ebonycharmaineceyonne Naskia kulikuwa na sherehe kwa mama mondi after alitoka😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 eish! atleast hajatoka bure, ametoka na followers, mtoi na fame

makuba_her Wakidate hakuwai kumbuka God ako,God huona mambo sana😂😂 anyway let me not take Panadol for her headache. ..😂😂shida hutuleta karibu na mungu Sana wacha a move on ...atarudi kwa he loves me small ass,my sijui anga what


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