Is Corazon Kwamboka conning naive unsuspecting fisis? Here is the truth

Corazon Kwamboka burst into the limelight as the only lady whose assets were big and juicy enough to rival reigning beauty queen Vera Sidika.


Since then she has amassed a huge following of her own thanks to what her mother gave her. From the fame she acquired as a socialite, Corazon has been able to start her own online shop that sells clothes and accessories.

Now a few people were wondering whether Corazon has become a con woman. This was after an Instagram account pretending  to be Corazon Kwamboka fleeced unsuspecting Team Mafisi members off their money.

Corazon has come out to warn her fans against this impostor account by writing:

Fake account! This account is swindling naive unsuspecting fisis! But Shauri yenu! Just don't come reporting to me once you have been conned!


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